Personal Chefs for Hire

Bravo takes pride in offering the Roaring Fork Valley’s finest culinary talents as personal and private chefs for your family or group during your stay here. All chefs are seasoned culinary graduates with years of professional executive level chef experience and are members of the United States Chef Association. With the local dining scene becoming extremely expensive, not to mention the greatly inflated beverage cost it makes more and more sense to hire a personal chef to come directly to your home these days. All in all the cost of a personal chef is about the same as dining out in a nice restaurant in the convenience of your own home without the clean up or shopping.

Chefs Guaranteed

Bravo guarantees all personal chefs; in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied we would simply replace your chef with another.

Additional Support Staff

Bravo also offers a professional staff of waiters, butlers and bartenders. In the event that your dinner turns into a festive party, then Bravo would merely provide addition chefs and staff to take care of your guests.

Charges, Fees & Gratuities

Personal Chefs are professionals and are paid by the hour. Chef rates vary pending on availability, location and the chef's professional experience. For example, a nationally known celebrity chef may require a higher hourly rate then a younger, less experienced chef. Chef fees are only charged for the actual time the chef is at your residence, usually 4-5 hours for small intimate dinners.

Preparation, Shopping & Menu Writing

This time is not charged to you, but is part of the menu mark up fee. All preparation is performed in Bravo’s Licensed and Colorado Health Department inspected commercial kitchen. 

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jimmy nadell with governor hickenlooper
Chef Jimmy Nadell:
Personal Chef to Colorado Governor Hickenlooper
bravo fine catering
Plated Crab Cakes
bravo fine catering
Oysters served on block of ice in home
chef jimmy nadell
Chef Jimmy Nadell:
Bravo Fine Catering owner
United States Chef Association founder

Carved Ice Caspian Sea Golden Osetra Caviar Bar

Custom Chef Carved Ice Flower Baskets

Bravo Fine Catering was founded by Aspen’s long time celebrity chef, Jimmy Nadell. Chef Nadell takes tremendous pride in providing excellence in culinary arts serving the Roaring Fork Valley since 1986. Bravo’s proficient and highly talented team of celebrated chefs and party coordinators will ensure that each event is uniquely arranged with our signature presentations. From carved ice oyster bars to LED light-illuminated sushi towers with live swimming fish to flaming desserts, each event orchestrated by Chef Nadell is an extraordinary culinary experience.

Chef Nadell is the founder and CEO of the United States Chef Association, an educational chef membership association offering chefs several levels of accredited certifications.

Chef Nadell has recruited the finest accomplished chefs from throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, which are assigned to hundreds of Aspen families annually. Chef Nadell is a two time Gold Medal award recipient for his life long dedication to international gastronomy. 

Thank you for your event consideration.

Chef Jimmy Nadell
Bravo Fine Catering, President & CEO
"We have twice used Bravo Fine Catering (Jimmy Nadell), each time with great satisfaction. You should be very confident recommending them to any Alpine Property customers. They can do things small or large, and very informal and causal as many may want while on a ski holiday. They can also deliver meals, from simple (a lasagna) to sophisticated. The quality is high and service and cleanup is excellent and professional."
~ Elliott Gerson, The Aspen Institute, Washington D.C.
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"Dear Chef Jimmy,
Our Christmas dinner was absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much."
~ Heidi Klum, Mother, Actress, Supermodel & Business Mogul