Emergency Response

Bravo maintains an emergency response division named King Kong for any natural disasters, wild fires or federal emergencies which may occur and require catering by feeding massive amounts of emergency responders at a moment’s notice.

king kong

The King Kong Mobile Kitchen can respond within one hour of notification and transport to almost any emergency location coast to coast. With the capability to serve as many as 10,000 meals per day and enough self contained fuel and water to operate up to three weeks, King Kong makes extremely difficult response catering appear to be done very easily.

bravo truck

King Kong maintains a refrigerated truck lease with Nobel Sysco Foods. Wherever King Kong is asked to respond, a fully stocked Nobel Sysco refrigerated truck will be dropped off and then restocked with fresh foods every two days.

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Bravo Fine Catering was founded by Aspen’s long time celebrity chef, Jimmy Nadell. Chef Nadell takes tremendous pride in providing excellence in culinary arts serving the Roaring Fork Valley since 1986. Bravo’s proficient and highly talented team of celebrated chefs and party coordinators will ensure that each event is uniquely arranged with our signature presentations. From carved ice oyster bars to LED light-illuminated sushi towers with live swimming fish to flaming desserts, each event orchestrated by Chef Nadell is an extraordinary culinary experience.

Chef Nadell is the founder and CEO of the United States Chef Association, an educational chef membership association offering chefs several levels of accredited certifications.

Chef Nadell has recruited the finest accomplished chefs from throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, which are assigned to hundreds of Aspen families annually. Chef Nadell is a two time Gold Medal award recipient for his life long dedication to international gastronomy. 

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Chef Jimmy Nadell
Bravo Fine Catering, President & CEO
"Recently I contacted Chef Jimmy Nadell and asked him to design a chicken dish for my Country Club wedding in Buffalo New York. He not only designed the menu but named the dish after me, “Truffled Poussin A la Lauren.” Marinated, Roasted French Young Chicken Stuffed with Fresh Black Truffle Risotto Served with Harcot Vert, Baby Carrots, Sweet English Peas topped with Crispy Jamón di Serrano, a light Poultry Jus and a White Truffle Compound Butter. Thank you again for creating the most delicious menu for our wedding. The "Truffled Poussin A la Lauren" was a fantastic hit with our guests! We have eaten in some of the BEST restaurants in the world and your cooking surpasses any of those! So fresh and innovative...always! Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!"
~ Lauren and Rick Sunderland, Greenwich, CT
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"Thank you, Jimmy, for making our Thanksgiving family dinner so special. I know that it's not an easy dinner to make, and we appreciate both your time and creative talents. Thank you again!"
~ Christine Sherman, River Valley Ranch, Carbondale, CO